Digital Schmigital – Print Still Has the Firepower


Digital everything. One look at the publishing world today and it seems that the medium has truly migrated from a periodic approach to a constant cycle, much the way the evening news has given way to the 24-hour news cycle.

This cadence, as noted in The Gunn Report’s Power of Print, means companies are less willing to invest in the non-immediate reward.

“In bygone days, good agencies invested considerable time and money in the training and education of their young people,” the report explains, noting: “Nowadays, alas, this has largely gone by the board – thanks to lower margins, fewer people and, as [TBWA Chairman] Jean-Marie Dru expresses it about delivering work ‘the move from a quarterly to a daily cadence’.”

Yet something is lost in that migration if we neglect the role that print plays in the cycle: Print’s high engagement and lasting visual impact can’t be easily replicated on a digital level.

As Joe Mandese at MediaDailyNews notes, “At a time when Madison Avenue seems to think all-things-digital, advertising awards curator The Gunn Report has assembled a visually powerful reminder that print media is more than just dead trees. The aptly titled ‘The Power of Print’ report organizes the best of the best from more than 15 years of breakthrough creative ideas that could only resonate in print media, including magazines, newspapers and out-of-home.”

The report is striking in its message, even barring the occasional risqué image. It breaks down the medium into 13 categories to showcase the power print has in each. From presenting information and facts in stunning visual ways, to offering comparisons and creating parody, print reigns.

The examples are worth a look, and we bet the messages they provide will linger in your mind. When’s the last time a digital ad did that? Enjoy this look at The Power of Print and see if you agree.