Differences Matter: the Imprint Paper Makes On Our Lives

TWO SIDES_LOGOElectrons are efficient, but paper is elemental. This is why we love print.

“A toolbox has room for a hammer as well as a Dewalt drill.”

Those words from Barbara Goldman in Two Sides help us understand why paper and the images inked onto it have made such an impact on her life.

“Twenty years ago I entered the Electronic Age and became enamored.  That entry accounts for the indispensable mode by which I read newspapers, periodicals and websites which bring me news and commentary.  But, my original love affair with paper is unalterable.  Electrons are efficient, paper is elemental,” she writes.

Goldman is an unabashed #printgeek, like a lot of folks around here. While we use and appreciate technology, there is still something organic about the role print plays in our lives.

She tells an adorable story:

“When my daughter was four or so, we had a discussion on where milk came from.  She told me that milk came from bottles.  ‘Doesn’t it come from cows?’  I asked.  ‘No,’ she said.  ‘They give milk because that’s what the bottles are for’.  Well, paper is there, thank goodness, and we fill up the pages!  With this line of reasoning we should keep growing trees, keep making paper and keep filling up the pages.”

And with that, we’ll sign off for the holiday weekend and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.