Certified Organic for Your Free Font Friday

Nestled among your collection of sturdy, practical and eminently readable fonts, there’s always room for a little organic loveliness. This week, we serve up two such fonts, guaranteed to bring a touch of the unique to your next design.

Hamurz, from Indonesian designer Bagus Budiyanto, has a modern, rough yet still vintage look.  Use it for logos, product headings, clothing, quote graphics and more.  Download free from Behance.

Leafy is a handwriting brush font for anything that needs a truly personal feel. Created by hand with a 95-character set, we think it’s one of the best free fonts available at the moment.  It’s perfect for prints, logos, signatures, motivational quote graphics, packaging, or social media and blog images. Find it free on Wild Picks.

Enjoy these tasty fonts and be sure to come back again for another Free Font Friday. We love designers, and we love bringing you these goodies every week.