Bring on the Font Binge — Monotype Rolls Out Subscription Services

avenir-fontLicensing fonts just got easier and more affordable. Designers are going to love this.

If you’re a font junkie or professional graphic designer, you’ll love this news.

Monotype, a leading typeface provider, has launched two new ways for customers to gain access to their fonts, according to this article in Talking New Media.

For freelancers and small agencies, there’s the new Library Subscription, which provides access to the 9,000+ font library for $14.99/month.

“Customers like freelance designers and small agencies enjoy the flexibility, predictability and creative palette that subscription models offer,” said Brett Zucker, senior vice president of product management at Monotype. “The Monotype Library Subscription is perfect for these customers, who need a large library of premium type for their projects, but at a low monthly cost. We’re providing them with instant access to some of the world’s most popular typefaces, as soon and as often as they need it.”

For larger agencies and multi-desk users, the Enterprise License is available based on your size and gives access to the library across all users in your network.

“The new Monotype Enterprise License is a simple, flexible license that enables large teams to use fonts across the entire organization, or any customer touchpoint including desktop, Web, apps and others — for a single, annual fee. This is ideal for large brands that need extensive rights to a single typeface to comply with brand mandates. Pricing is customized based on specific customer needs,” notes the article.

“Designers everywhere are going to go crazy for this,” said UK designer and educator Daniel Cheade.

You bet they are. Nice work, Monotype.