Abe Says a Penny for Your Fonts this Week

Abe Lincoln said the best way to predict the future is to create it, so in honor of his legacy, we present the Lincoln Free Font, guaranteed to help you create beautiful designs in your future. Created by Haksen Graphic, this san serif font is as unique as our 16th president. Its long line is softened by smooth curves and open spacing, making it both readable and striking. Upper and lowercase, plus numbers and extras are all available free for personal and commercial use. Download from Behance.

Next, we bring you Legacy Pro, created by Zimbabwe designer Tapiwanashe Sebastian Garikayi. This strong serif font makes a bold statement while the niche curves of the serifs keep it from being too edgy. Legacy Pro supports more than 100 languages and works beautifully in print or digital magazine-style copy. Download the Regular and Black packages at Behance.

As always, please support the designers and font houses that make our Free Font Fridays possible. Then grab these fonts and build something gorgeous! See you next week.