A Free Font this Week that Won’t Let Go

Sometimes a font just grabs you and compels you to read. If that’s the impact you’re after, try Chonburi by Thai design firm Cadson Demak.  It features a bold, stylish serif that leans toward the display category, making it great for large typographic features like headlines and titles. It’s highly readable yet makes a big impact. (And it’s not in widespread use yet in the States, so you’ll be bringing something quite new to your design kit with this one.) Chonburi can be downloaded free from Google Fonts.

For a more formal look, go to Medio by type designer Sora Sagano. The letters offer a nice contrast of thick and thin lines, along with fine serifs, for an elegant, calligraphy-inspired look. (It’s similar to Didot, but perhaps more easily readable.) This font is great for more traditional or high-end design contexts, like formal invitations or for branding with a classic style. Download free from TipoType.

All our Free Friday Fonts are yours to download at no cost. Of course, the designers, foundries and font sites appreciate anything you can give back – whether it’s a like, a share, or a small donation. Do what you can to support the continued development of awesome new fonts!