7 Superpowers of Print

boomClearly print has some distinct properties that have helped the medium last for centuries. Here are just a few to start the list.

As digitally native ad execs “discover” print as a powerhouse medium, it seems clear that as an industry we have some educating to do.

For folks like me who have grown up with print, the benefits of the medium are self-evident. Still, a reminder is always helpful, and might help explain the idea to someone who wasn’t raised in the medium.

“While a lot of focus has been on digital marketing, print still has an important role within the marketing spectrum,” notes this article from GLW Media. The article lists the “top 7 reasons why print marketing will never die out – especially direct mail marketing.”

Topping the list is the ability of print to forge closer relationships with your customers (#1).

“The tangible element that print gives adds connotations of appreciation from the customer. This appealing to our sense, particularly touch, makes print more personal,” the article notes. It’s also important to realize that many people either don’t have, or don’t use social media (#2), and print offers higher response rates than email campaigns (#3).

The fact that people keep direct mail and other printed materials give the ad a longer life (#4), and the decline in direct mail over the last few years means less competition in the mailbox (#5).

Direct mail at special times (holidays, birthdays, etc.) often have increased response rates (#6), and used in conjunction with digital marketing means better targeting and higher ROI (#7).

It’s clear that brands need print in this digital age, for the above reasons and many more. It’s time to stop worrying about how long print will be around, and instead start focusing on how best to leverage this powerful form of marketing communication.