10 Facts About Print That Mean Business

10We’ve been talking a lot about the shift in understanding of omni-channel marketing, with print and digital co-existing and working in tandem to drive business. Yet it can still be a tough sell to include new print initiatives in your campaigns, especially if your team comes from a digital-heavy background.

To help solidify the need to include print in any marketing plan, Brian Morris PsPrint lays it out, offering 10 print marketing statistics you should know.

You’ve probably seen at least a few of these before, but it’s great to have a reminder and a summary of the “whys” behind the print lines in your budget.

Take the fact that 79% percent of households say they read (or at least scan) their direct mail. Can you say that about all the digital ads you are bombarded with? Of those who get direct mail, 39% of them say they have tried a business for a first time because of it.

That’s probably why, as Morris notes, direct mail yields a good 13 to 1 return on investment. And this goes for younger shoppers too.

“More digital inclined shoppers are actually trusting print marketing more,” Morris writes, noting that 92% of young shopper say they prefer direct mail over digital for making purchase decisions.

Non-profits see high returns on direct mail also, with 78% of donations coming from print. And, perhaps not surprisingly, email response rates are plummeting while direct mail response is heading up.

The list goes one, and we’ve seen stats like this from many sources that clearly show that print brings it home. The next time you find yourself in a planning meeting or budget discussion with a digitally-focused team, have these stats handy. Print can make all the difference. Be the hero.