You Don’t Know Photoshop CC 2015.5 Until You Watch This Video

Designers, take note: This video is jam-packed with great info on the latest Photoshop features

Frankly, I can’t believe they aren’t charging for this.

Nathaniel Dodson, the public face behind, has published a 30+ minute video on all the new hidden (and not so hidden) features of the latest Photoshop release.

And they really could be selling this, not giving it away. Seriously, it’s that good. For a quick look at what’s in the video, the folks at spell it out. From Face Aware Liquefy to Legacy Healing Brush Mode, the video covers dozens of topics. If you’re a designer, or need to use Photoshop in your business, take the time to watch. Guaranteed you’ll come out of it with at least a handful of ahah moments!