Why Canva Design School Needs to be on Your Favorites List

canvaDesigners, bookmark this site. Guaranteed you’ll find something useful.

We all have our go-to sites for inspiration. For the design geeks in our midst, Design School is definitely one you’ll want to consider following. Not only is their home page gorgeous, they are chock full of good ideas in their blog and tutorials sections.

Two posts from this week are shareworthy.

“Need hints for good fonts?” asks Amanda Oliver on the Design School blog. The Design School team interviewed 14 typographers to discover their favorite go-to fonts. The resulting list reads like a how-to primer for beginning designers, and offers some great ideas for even the most experienced among us.

A list of a different sort is highlighted in Rebecca Gross’ post “33 Women Doing Amazing Things in Graphic Design.”

“Did you know Carolyn Davidson designed Nike’s Swoosh logo in 1971? Or that Susan Kare designed many of the original Apple Macintosh interface elements? With talent, dedication, and creativity in spades, women are – and always have been – killing it in graphic design,” Gross writes.

From award-winning brand icons to up-and-coming relative unknowns, the post highlights the creative and beautiful work being done by women in our industry, at the same time offering hints to designers on how to highlight their own work (hint: Bēhance, Dribble, etc.)

We know we’ll be returning again and again to this site, and sharing what we find with all of you.