Two more Free Friday Fonts – Langdon & Roboto

There’s just so much to love about this week’s font pair … including a fantastic Friday audio virus (read on). This week, we’re pairing Langdon & Roboto, two font families with decidedly bold looks.

Langdon, available free from the good folks at Font Squirrel, is a heavy, condensed, all uppercase font that is great for display text. (It also has a lowercase for a nice contrast.) I like that this font offers a version of each character with a shadow outline effect, a nice bonus that gives you some design options without having to add another font to your piece.

To complement Langdon, I like to use Roboto, available on DaFont. It’s an easy-to-read body copy font with a large variety of styles and quite the reputation  — if it looks familiar that’s because it also happens to be the font used on Android devices. Roboto comes in 16 absolutely free styles, offering plenty of flexibility.

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