Turkish Artist Makes Stunning Paper Art

paperart-photoSo many people dream of leaving the corporate world behind to pursue their art. One woman who did just that is finding success on the other side of the glass door with her quilled paper designs.

“In January 2015, Turkish artist Sena Ruda bravely quit her job as a Human Resources specialist and started a business around her beautiful and elaborately quilled paper designs,” writes Lori Dom in Laughing Squid.

“So far Ruda has been quite successful, creating gorgeous pieces that are used for weddings, ad sponsorships and even for the cover of a self-help book. Ruda is also selling select designs through her Etsy shop,” Dom continues.

Her work is undeniably beautiful, vibrant and full of something that looks a lot like love. And this, we believe, is the key. (I can picture her work as a striking magazine cover. Anyone?)