This Week, a Free transmogrified Font

Who doesn’t love a great transmogrification? Especially when it results in a beautiful new typeface.

Newslab was created by combining three typefaces — Andes, Sánchez and Roble – into one stunning new iteration. Whether in black, extra-bold, light or thin, every feature is harmoniously merged to create a graphically imposing font. The brains behind this genius transmogrification belong to Daniel Hernández of the Latinotype Foundry. Download Newslab at BeFonts.

Looking for a dose of esprit in your next digital? Bree Serif might help. This slab serif maintains the flavor of handwriting while remaining optimal for screen applications. It was launched after the big success of its sans serif cousin Bree. This is Google-approved web font was designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione of  Type Together and has racked up several awards since its release in 2013.

Add this week’s picks to your font library, and stay tuned for more Free Font Fridays from Freeport Press.