These Two Free Fonts are Destined for Bigger Things

Sometimes you need to go big. 

In the design world, it’s not simply a matter of upping the font size. To really have the impact and design clout you want in your large-scale projects, choose fonts that were designed specifically to look amazing at larger sizes.

Like Blenda Script, a free experimental font from Seniors Studio.  Inspired by Lobster font, this is a bold vintage-inspired design with stylistic alternates that make it great for larger applications. It would look awesome in a logo, on apparel or posters. Download free from Behance.

Our second free font this week is Courgette by Karolina Lach. This medium-contrast brush-style script has unconnected letters but still maintains a great flow. It’s intended for display type, yet maintains readability at smaller sizes for short- to medium-length passages of text. Try this one if you want a lively but orderly typography style reminiscent of handwriting. Grab this one for free from Google Fonts. 

As always, if you like these fonts please thank the designers by following, liking or sharing their work. And come back next week for our next Free Font Friday.