The Perfect Free Font to Go Big and Take Home

Need to go big, with posters, magazine covers or other large-size projects? Inspired by Garamond legacy, Cormorant is a display font by Christian Thalmann that has been optimized for high resolution and large sizes. With its razor sharp serifs and smooth curves, it’s designed for tall, display-sized renderings.

Per the designer, “While traditional Garamond cuts make for exquisite reading at book sizes, they appear clumpy and inelegant at larger sizes. The design goal of Cormorant was to distil the aesthetic essence of Garamond, unfetter it from the limitations of metal printing, and allow it to bloom into its natural refined form at high definition.”

Try pairing this one with the contemporary serif body font of Luthier by Adrià Gómez. With its high contrasts and sharp serifs and four different styles, you’ll find it makes an extremely versatile font.

Enjoy this week’s free fonts, and check out our previous font goodies to round out your design kit.