The Newest Rising Stars in the Font World

Casual elegance or rational efficiency, font designers are putting out some amazing new typefaces.

2xrs-haboro-slab-1As brands become more adept at storytelling, font creators are taking notice and designing accordingly. One new font family from UK-based Elena Genova is making waves with its handwritten and hand-traced suite of fonts called Storyteller.

Genova’s font family is featured in this month’s issue of Rising Stars, the MyFonts newsletter.

“It consists of scripts in several variations with swashes, ligatures and alternates; an all-caps sans serif in normal, condensed and extra condensed widths; and an all-caps serif face,” notes the newsletter.

“The fonts look elegant yet casual, and were lovingly handwritten and hand-traced to give your designs that human, personal touch. They come with numerous extras: playful loop fills for the scripts, engraved styles and catchword ligatures for the sans and the serif fonts, an ornament font with frames and borders, and a collection of adorable Spring and Easter-themed illustrations.”

Also featured this month is the decidedly bold Ridley Grotesk from Bulgarian type designer Radomir Tinkov.

“The family is perfectly suited for display and signage use, while the middle weights can easily handle body text. Designed with corporate and editorial design in mind, the family works as well in print as on screen,” the newsletter notes.

Check out the complete list this month and find one or two that speak to you. Brands are definitely becoming more open to the idea of telling a story with just a stroke or two, and these new fonts can help you make that happen.