The Moral of This Story — Free Fonts are Good

We don’t mean to be didactic – or maybe we do. The moral of the story is that this week’s free fonts are a great addition to any designer’s tool kit. 

First off is Modum by The Northern Block, a UK-based foundry that creates “modernist fonts for storytellers and creatives.” True to that mission, Modum is a contemporary serif designed for typesetting long passages of text. It includes a selection of alternative lowercase letters, small caps, and ligatures with manually edited kerning and Opentype features. It’s great for newsletters, magazine layouts, books/e-books, and other text-heavy designs. Find it at FontSquirrel, in both regular and the matching italic.

Next up is Didactic, the first traditional serif font from Ithaca-based designer Tyler Finck.  It’s a sharp-looking design with multiple language support, and it’s great for typesetting text at both large and small sizes. Download it here.

As always, we encourage you to share the love with the designers and foundries who make our Free Font Fridays possible. And be sure to come back next week for another round. We love fonts,  we love font designers, and we love the way you use fonts to create amazing designs.