The Envelope Please…

2xrs-guessNot content with yearly “best of’s,” My Fonts is naming its new stars every month. Lucky us!

Okay, design geeks, here’s the monthly peek at the “rising stars” in the font world, courtesy of MyFonts.

“Just last week the film world celebrated the best in their industry at the annual Academy Awards ceremony — commonly known as The Oscars,” the article notes. “But why only once a year? MyFonts prefers to celebrate the best in the typography world every single month with our Rising Stars newsletter. Instead of choosing the best movie, best director, best actor or actress, we showcase four of the hottest new fonts, plus the best new text fonts. And each month we are surprised at the variety of the offerings: this edition features an elegant combo of script and sans serif styles, a sturdy squarish sans family, an idiosyncratic serif face, and a soft geometric sans. Now where do we keep those golden statuettes…?”

One we’ve got our eyes on is Guess, a nice companion san serif that My Fonts calls “the perfect choice for anything from fashion brands and editorial design to greeting cards and invitations — any application that needs to appear classy and chic.”

On the full serif side, Univia Pro offers a clean and sharp image. Meanwhile, the beautifully structured Qanelas and Qanelas Soft offer versatility with accessibility and lots of design application.

Enjoy all the new fonts; the article is worth a read for the inspiration it’s bound to provide.