The Colors of Life Turned into Pantone Art

If my mother ever met Italian graphic designer Andrew Antoni, I believe she would enjoy some of these beautiful destinations.

“Italian graphic designer Andrea Antoni searches the world for Pantone colors, reminding us to embrace the colorful nature of our surroundings,” explains Giedrė writing in Bored Panda. The results, in which he holds up the corresponding color card in the photograph, are stunning.

“As a graphic designer, I’ve always loved the Pantone fan decks, although more for their joyfulness and color than for their intended purpose,” Antoni explained. “So it happened one day that I took a particularly colorful picture and tried to combine it with the related Pantone color.”

The process forces the viewer to deeply examine the colors that exist in these landscapes, both natural and man-made, seeing colors and shades we might never have noticed otherwise.

Giedrė refers to another Pantone-inspired artist, Inka Matthew, who pairs color-drenched Pantone swatches with tiny common objects.