Readability and Great Style – the Free Font Holy Grail

#DesignerProbs: Trying to give your work a unique edge while playing it safe with readability. Now you don’t have to choose between delivery and design. This week’s Free Friday fonts pack a lot of personality without compromising their clean-cut look.

A truly bold font with an industrial feel, Halogen from Hustle Supply Co is an all-caps font with both large caps and small caps. Use it for anything that needs to really stand out … and still has to be readable. Download it here.

Next is Mattilda from designer Barrilubis, a beautiful brush script perfect for branding, t-shirt design, logos, magazine publications, social media quote graphics, posters and more.  Find it here.

Whether your next project calls for rigid angles or inky-smooth script, these fonts will deliver both crispness and character. (Pun intended.) Enjoy these two nuggets of design delight, and come back again for another Free Font Friday.