Principles of Design You Can Hang on the Wall

[responsive][/responsive]Every designer must know and use the basic principles of good design, that’s a given. And now a Turkish Designer, Efil Turk, has made a gorgeous series of posters that illustrate these designs in living color.

“It’s important for every designer – whether you’ve just started getting your feet wet, or have immersed yourself in the ocean of design – to master basic concepts. A good grasp of these ideas can help you not only with the art of creating, but with your own work as well,” writes Julya Buhain in You The Designer.

“Using a combination of techniques such as paper cutting and photo manipulation, [Efil Turk] provided us with a delightful series that isn’t afraid to both enchant and educate,” Buhain continues.

The posters are bright and vibrant, and graphically demonstrate the critical elements of balance, movement, contrast, rhythm and more. Purchase these posters by contacting the artist through her Behance page. What a fantastic way to decorate your work space!