Photoshop: The Bad, the Ugly and The Ridiculous

[responsive]photoshop_failure_graphics_5[/responsive]There has been a lot of discussion in the media lately on Photoshop. Used well, it gives graphic artists an edge in creating stunning images. Used poorly, it presents us with the ability to radically alter our perception of body image and what’s attainable. There is a line (fine and not so fine sometimes) between touching up a photo to make it look great in print and substantially altering reality.

Graphic designers are often called on to  use their talents in ways that might cross the line. And sometimes, they seem to leave both their artistic skills and their brains at the door.

This roundup of 52 of the worst Photoshop mistakes in magazines will get you laughing and cringing. And it might help make us all a little bit more careful in the work we put out into the world.