Meet the Rising Stars of the Font World

2xrs-bambusa-pro-01Four great new display fonts, four promising new text fonts, and a designer who hopes to conquer the world of typography.

The folks at MyFonts are diehard font lovers, bringing us the most popular fonts of 2015 (spoiler: Helvetica didn’t make the cut) and now this: the Rising Stars in the font world.

These fonts will not only take your design to the next level, they’ll also almost guarantee you some major cred among your peers when you whip these out.

Topping the list is Bambus Pro, originally drawn by Hanneke Classen with a bamboo pen. On the other end of the spectrum is Stolzl, an unabashedly modern san serif offering maximum readability on digital screens.

Just scrolling down the list makes us want to design something around these; to me, that’s the mark of a truly fantastic font family. These are inspired, creative and useful.

Take a look for yourself and pick your favorite, then make something delicious. Enjoy!