Mastering Type: The Essential Guide

masteringtypeIf you’re a graphic designer, a certified typophile or just keenly aware of nuance in word design, you’ll appreciate this book, “Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design” by Denise Bosler.

In it, typography expert Bosler shares her considerable knowledge about the art and the science of good typography. Part history lesson, part art class, part hands-on training, Bosler provides details that make the subject come alive.

If you are looking to hone your craft in this area, this book will help you understand:

  • How typography has evolved
  • Standard terms and how they are used
  • Technical aspects of kerning, leading, tracking and so forth
  • The differences between type for print and type for digital
  • How to effectively use type as part of a comprehensive design.

Using fonts and typography to good effect is a hallmark of talented designers. Knowing why a font works in a particular situation can help eliminate the guesswork and bring your designs to the next level. This book can help you do just that.

Check out her clever virtual book signing for more details, then get your hands on this book.