Looking for that Hero Font?

I can’t help it; say the word “hero” and this classic tune from the Footloose soundtrack starts running through my head. This time, it’s triggered by the first of today’s free font picks.

Hero is a multipurpose sans-serif typeface designed with wide, clear letter shapes. The free font family includes light and normal weights, and is really an all-purpose kind of super font. We can see it in any number of designs – web, print, motion graphics, posters – this one will get the job done with no fuss and a bit of drama. Download it for your own or commercial use at Fontfabric.

Looking for a more “techy” look? Sans-serif typeface Prime has it, with a strict geometric formation that maintains readability at various sizes. Designed by Max Prisky from Berlin, it’s still neutral enough to be used in a variety of applications, from titles to body text. Download Prime free from Fontfabric.

Enjoy this week’s picks, and check out our ongoing Free Font Friday choices every week. And be your own design hero!