How Fonts Used to Advertise

helveticaA fascinating look at how typefaces were marketed before the digital age.

“Before there was Typekit, before there was, DaFont or Google Fonts, designers had to share their typefaces the old-fashioned way—via print advertisements,” writes Callie Budrick in PrintMag.

“In Print magazine’s 75 years of publishing, we’ve seen some great adverts, some funny, some dry and some, well, strange. We dug deep into the archives to find our favorite type-vertisements. Some you might recognize, others, not so much,” she continues.

Budrick’s article includes classics from the 1950s, groovy looks from the ‘60s, right on up to the early 21st century. If you’re a type geek or an ad junky, you’ll love this rare look back at how far the industry’s come. Enjoy.