Got News? Try These Two Free Fonts to Make It Stick

There are a million ways to use fonts in our multi-channel world. But when it comes to news – when you need to get the message across clearly and legibly – it’s best to use a font designed specifically for that task.

Start with Kurale by Buenos Aires type designer Eduardo Tunni. It features soft shapes and curled terminals that create attractive word shapes. It’s easy to read at any size, and has interesting details at larger sizes that will make your headlines more compelling and engaging. Download for free from Google Fonts.

Once you’ve gotten their attention, keep it with Suranna from the Russian type foundry Cyreal. Suranna’s unique letter shapes and attractive details are perfectly suited for news publications (which it was originally developed for) and other long passages of text. Find this one at Google Fonts as well.

When it’s newsworthy, give it the attention it deserves with fonts designed to inform. And be sure to come back next week for more Free Friday Fonts!