Get Two Distinct Personalities with this Week’s Free Fonts

Font designer Tom Chalky created Brixton as his first ever (and one of his best-selling) font families. He redesigned it in 2015, and it’s now available in three weights. Brixton features a distinctive, decorative style with a hand-drawn feel and alternate characters. It’s perfect for when you want a serif that’s not too serious and has some engaging personality. Download for free from Dribble, and be sure to check out Chalky’s other font families.

A more bookish choice is Modum by The Northern Block. This family features a modern serif designed for typesetting long passages of text. It also includes a selection of alternative lowercase letters, small caps, and ligatures, and is perfectly suited for complex hierarchical projects like newsletters, magazine layouts, and text-based books. Download for free from Font Squirrel.

Enjoy our picks this week, and come back next week for another Free Font Friday. As always, share the love with the designers and foundries that bring us all this free font goodness. And go design something amazing.