For the Font Geeks: The 100 Best Free Fonts

[responsive]azedo2[/responsive]Who doesn’t love free stuff? And what designer doesn’t love to browse through new fonts? Well, it’s Friday, and time to relax a bit. Unleash your inner font geek and dive into this article from the Creative Blog on the 100 best free fonts.

The list includes web fonts, cursive, graffiti, tattoo, handwriting, retro, grunge and stencil fonts. Our favorites include:

  • Big John and Slim Joe, a pair of fonts from Spanish designer Ion that create magic together when combined.
  • Futuracha, a striking art deco combination of the Futura font and the cucaracha. Yes, the cucaracha. You have to see this one to believe it.
  • Bob, from Burma. Playful and free form, this would make great art poster headlines.
  • True Love. “Your name here” takes on a whole new meaning with this tattoo-inspired font from Davide Cariani

There are some real gems in this list; definitely worth a read for all the font geeks out there!