For the Font Geeks: A Course in Scriptology

[responsive]serif1[/responsive]Creating logos and script marks is a heady design challenge. If you can do it well, giving your client’s logo and brand instant recognition, you’ll be in high demand in any market.

“When approaching the ideation process for brand identity and logo design, one of the most crucial considerations is the typeface selection. What will be of the best use — serif, sans serif, decorative or script? A typeface infuses your design with emotion and meaning, defining your brand’s identity in every medium, from packaging and editorial design to website design and business correspondence,” writes Natalie Boyd in PrintMag.

Choosing the type, as Boyd points out, is just the beginning. From there the font must be customized to be truly unique.

“After deciding which typeface aligns best with a company’s message and identity, the next step is to personalize the mark so it stands out from the competition. Simply selecting a font from a library or from a free Internet source isn’t the best option for designing a unique, widely-renowned symbol,” she writes.

The solution?

HOW Design University hosts an online design course that teaches how to manipulate existing fonts to create a distinctive mark. The course, Scriptology, is geared toward script mark design, but the lessons can be applied to all logotype and wordmark development,” Boyd continues.

According to HowU, the course requires a beginning level of skill in both typography skill and Adobe Illustrator, making it well within reach of most working designers. And the $99 price point makes it affordable and likely to pay for itself in short order.