Five Hidden (and Awesome) Master Tricks for Photoshop

[responsive]photoshop[/responsive]“I always try to search something useful inside Photoshop. But from time to time, there comes a trick that really blows my mind. I believe I can show you few,” writes Radoslav Zilinksy on LinkedIn. He offers video tutorials for five innovative solutions in Photoshop that you might not have thought of.

Blend If – “Perfect if you want a layer to appear just on specific parts of the underlying picture based on pixel brightness. Lets say that you want to see the layer just in shadows of another picture, this is where BLEND IF property comes in. It could be used creatively in so many ways,” Zilinksy notes.

Black & White – Helps with making selections on a color photo. “I especially use this when I want to isolate some greenery, that is shot against the sky. Instead of just simple desaturate, with Black&White you can use the color to help you increase the contrast between your subjects.”

Actions – a great way to utilize keyboard shortcuts for making quick work of repetitive tasks.

Boost – “I see a lot of people fighting with some low contrast areas and at the end they even make it worse,” writes Zilinsky. His video tutorial will show you how to get around this trouble spot.

Keep The Color — helpful when working with overlays, allowing you to stabilize the color of an image and still adjust the brightness.

Take a look and try them out!