Embracing the Handcrafted Movement with This Week’s Free Fonts

Hand crafted is having more than a “moment.” It’s truly become a brand style for companies that seek to reflect the zeitgeist of our times. This week we bring you two fonts, quite different from each other, that bring a hand-done sensibility to the table.

First is Hansief, a bold san serif font created by self-proclaimed pen tool pusher and typography enthusiast Kautsar Rahadi.  It’s got a great vintage feel and comes in two styles, regular and rough. If you love texture, you’ll love this font and the visceral imagery it can create. Download it free from Pixel Surplus.

Another gorgeous handcrafted script font is Tuesday, a signature script from Font Forestry. It’s perfect for more than just exquisite wedding invitations. Think posters, signage, logo applications or other graphic interpretations where a fluid, hand-drawn style is needed to convey the brand. One of the signatures of this font is the extra-large, flowing capitals.  Download it here.

Enjoy these fonts, and be sure to come back every Friday for more. And share the love with the designers and sites that make Free Font Fridays possible.