Designers, Up Your Portrait Game

Photoshop_effects“Here, make me look good.”

As a designer, you’ve probably heard this more than once, after being emailed the headshot of a company staffer or guest interviewee.

Next time, you’ll be ready with this Photoshop tutorial from Jeff Meyer in Digital Camera World.

“Colour, or the absence of it, plays a crucial role in portraiture,” Meyer, a UK photo designer, explains.  “By manipulating colour and tone to create different Photoshop effects, you can create striking portraits that really stand out from the crowd. Here, we’ll show you how to give your portraits an edgy, stylish, ultra-detailed finish often seen in modern portrait photography. We’ll use subtle variations in saturation, brightness and contrast to achieve similar results.”

The before and after results really tell the story, and the process is straightforward for anyone who knows their way around PS CS4.

Here’s to making us all look good!