Can AI Pick Your Next Color Palette?

Can a computer really generate a good color palette?

Color theory is a massive topic, and good designers can study for years to learn the basics and the millions of nuances of the art and science of color.

Now, an artificial intelligence program called Colormind is making that vast body of knowledge available in a few clicks. According to Colormind’s home page, it is “a deep learning AI that knows color theory. It can generate color palettes from scratch, or it can take your input and intelligently fill in the blanks.

“Colormind can learn from photographs, movies, and popular art – generating color suggestions that fit the distinct visual style of those mediums,” the site continues.

You can also upload your own images, and it will pull palettes from there. The results are pretty good and more subtle than other strict “color matching” programs we’ve seen.

While we don’t think anything can really replace the creative eye of a design master, this is a good tool to use if your resident Rembrandt isn’t available.