Another Free #Font Friday…!

“There is something about letters, of all shapes and forms, that has always gotten my attention, even from a young age,” writes Nicky Laatz on her MyFonts profile.

“I remember at about 10 years old having a little novelty rubber printing press stamp kit, and an old printing specimen booklet – I was completely fascinated with them and played with them for hours on end. Making typefaces now, I often think back to them and how they might have started something.”

They sure did start something; the South African designer now creates beautiful script fonts, including her trending hot new font Lucky Fellas. At only $20 for five font styles, it is well worth the investment to bring your font game up to date.

Looking for something a bolder, and a little freer? Try these two great fonts from Da Font: Red Velvet and Heavitas. (And c’mon, have you ever seen a font so aptly named like Heavitas?)

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