A New Way to Look at Sans Fonts this Friday

Sans serif is a staple of the design world, especially useful when creating for digital screens and large display uses. But losing the serif does not mean you have to sacrifice style. This week, we bring you two sans-serif fonts that prove the point.

First, we have Bonn by Villa Studio out of Hamburg, Germany. It’s a simple, tall and narrow geometric font; the free download includes upper and lowercase letters in three weights – light, medium and bold. This font is great for logos, headings, posters — the typeface was designed for use at larger sizes and looks especially good in all caps. Download yours at Behance.

Next on offer is Work Sans by designer Wei Huang. The versatile, adaptable design with multiple language support comes in 10 weights including a sweet hairline (but no italics) and is based on the early Grotesques. It’s great for websites and other on-screen usage and performs best in medium-sized text of 14–48 px. It’s also suitable for print, and the extreme weights (Bold, ExtraBold and Black) are designed more for display use. Download at Font Squirrel.

Add these two stylish sans serifs to your toolkit, and check our previous Free Friday Font posts. As always, show the designers you appreciate their work and share!