A Little Something Different for This Week’s Font Friday

It’s not the 12 Days of Christmas; it’s even better. The “36 Days of Type” is an annual global challenge that celebrates the creative possibilities of the English alphabet. Each participating designer creates an alphabet in their own style, and the results are stunning.

This week’s featured artist is Shaivalini Kumar and her complex and beautiful letters.

“Shaivalini Kumar was has been artistically inclined since she was a child—she is always sketching and learning from her surroundings,” writes Jenny Carless in Create Adobe. “Kumar’s style is vibrant and reflects her continuous striving to find the magic in ordinary things.”

“I loved storytelling, and I soon understood that words are not the only way to tell stories,” Kumar says. “As a result, illustration and lettering became the way I expressed myself. “This year, I focused on the beauty of letterforms and on a style that depicts balance, symmetry and beauty in complexity.”

Enjoy Kumar’s personal alphabet, and maybe get inspired to participate in the 2018 challenge yourself.