A Graphic Designer’s Photographer: Izabela Habur

Meet iStock Photos’ signature artist of the month…and download a freebie.

Stock photography has come a long way since the days of cheesy poses and stiff suits. And iStock Photos by Getty Images has a lot to do with that, helping photographers find a (paying) audience and grow their craft.

One of the ways iStock helps artists is through their signature artist of the month feature. This month’s featured artist is lifestyle photographer Izabela Habur, and her work is colorful and gorgeous.

“Polish photographer Izabela Habur fuses bright, bold colors with unique personalities in her effusive photographs,” the site notes. “Drawing inspiration from the people around her, she strives to create imagery that feels relevant and authentic.”

It’s no wonder that her work resonates so well with designers; she started out herself with a background in graphic design, in a decidedly non-colorful and gorgeous place.

“Growing up, everything was grey, stark and dreary so I have always been drawn to what existed outside of Poland,” she said. “That might be why I gravitate towards imagery that is colorful and full of happiness.”

What makes her work so great for designers is her awareness of the need for stock photos that bring something extra to the design.

“My focus is to take great photos that clients can use as a vehicle to express their own message,” Izabela said. “For me, it’s not about art; I think of myself more as a craftsman than an artist.”

It shows, in the unpretentious yet creative layouts and scenes, awash in color and rich details, perfect for use in branded content and magazine design. Check her out, and come back next month to meet another artist.

(The signature artist of the month program comes with a bonus…a free download you can use in your own work. Grab yours!)