18 Ways to Rock the Work Day

Need a little help to hit rock star level status in your professional life? Try these 18 tips.

Who hasn’t stared at the clock longing for 5 o’clock on occasion, or spent too much time gossiping about a co-worker?

We’re all human. And yet we know that a successful career doesn’t just happen; it starts with a commitment to bringing your A-game to the worksite each and every day.

This graphic on 18 ways to be more positive at work from cmd-ltd is an awesome refresher. (And it would look great printed out on your office wall 😉 )



It starts before you get to work, using your commute to listen to inspirational or educational media, and arriving (early) ready to take on the day. One of our favorite tips: Don’t check your email first thing. Instead, use that fresh focus to get something accomplished before diving into the mailbox.

Another good idea is to avoid office politics; they will just drag you down and pit you against your co-workers. Focus instead on what’s needed to move forward, and foster a collaborative mindset.

As with most things in life, it all comes down to attitude. When you approach even the toughest (or most mind-numbing) day at work with a positive spirit and a willingness to be open, amazing things can happen.