Designers are a Happy Bunch

happydesignersCreative types are the happy ones in the workplace, or so says a new study conducted by Adobe. The online report surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. creative professionals including graphic and web designers, photographers, illustrators and other artsy types.

The findings?

  • 96% of you are happy and fulfilled in your career
  • 88% believe you have strong influence over your clients
  • 93% feel valued in the workplace
  • 88% believe the industry’s best days are still ahead of them

And apparently rapid change doesn’t faze you, as 77% of these happy people believe that the industry is evolving at a fast past, and two-thirds expect their own role to be significantly different in the next three years.

Co. Design’s Lily Tidhar took some of the findings and created a really fun info graphic; you can view it here. And thanks for the undying enthusiasm guys and gals; that in itself plays a huge role in the success of any project.