Kodak INSITE and Prinergy

INSITE’s “Smart Review” feature not only provides preflight reports to assist with troubleshooting files, but lets you view each page as it will appear in the finished product, checking color make-up, making annotations and reviewing the positioning of the page inside the final trim. A “Compare” feature simplifies the proofing of any changes, and a chat feature permits multiple users to view the same page and discuss it within INSITE itself.

We also offer Kodak’s MatchPrint Virtual Technology — a state-of-the art hardware and software package that provides consistent, color-accurate remote soft proofs via your INSITE portal.

With an approved monitor and a calibration device, you can download MatchPrint Virtual — provided at no charge — to view the same color-controlled file the pressroom sees while your project is running. MatchPrint Virtual is SWOP-certified and is the industry’s best-integrated technology for color-accurate proofing.

At press-side we use Kodak’s PressProof software, sending the same color-accurate proofing files directly to the press using the same color-calibrated hardware that drives MatchPrint Virtual. All data are transmitted to our facility on fiber-optic lines. We have fully redundant T-1 and DSL backup data paths.

The KODAK INSITE App enables users to remotely log into KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal from any location with an Internet connection at any time. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to navigate through your job list to open, review, and approve pages. Once pages are approved on the App, INSITE will notify our prepress department that the pages are production ready. The App includes the following features:

    • Overview of all available jobs on the print provider’s server
    • Preview of pages in single-page or reader spread mode
    • Thumbnail view for fast navigation in multi-page documents
    • Page-based markup and annotation tools
    • Review and approval status across multiple users
    • Intuitive page approvals with comments
    • Per-page preflight status, page size, and colors used

The KODAK INSITE App requires a user login into our KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal 6.5 Server. Existing customers should have this log-in and new customers will be given permissions. Need assistance setting up this App for your iPad? Contact Johnny Stewart at 740-658-4015 or email prepress@freeportpress.com.

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