Freeport Press Selects manroland web systems LITHOMAN Press for New Plant

This LITHOMAN will be the most automated and most efficient high- performance 64-page press in North America.

FREEPORT—December 15, 2015—manroland web systems, the leading manufacturer of offset web printing solutions and digital finishing systems, is announcing the sale of a LITHOMAN 4-unit offset printing press to Freeport Press. Freeport Press was established in 1880 as a weekly newspaper, and is now a manufacturer of high-quality magazine, catalog, and commercial products. The company is well-known in the print industry as being progressive and innovative, selecting equipment capable of producing not only the highest print quality, but also the highest level of efficiency, sustainability, and automation.

The LITHOMAN, a 4-unit, 64-page press, with a web width of 75 inches and with two folders, will be the platform for Freeport Press’ new state of the art publications plant located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The new facility, purchased in April of 2015, provides Freeport Press over 250,000 additional square feet for their expanding operation.

The selection of the LITHOMAN press was based on a number of factors. “Our trip to the manroland web systems factory was truly impressive in understanding the extremely high standards they maintain in production of these presses. We also spent time with the owners of several printing facilities utilizing LITHOMAN presses, and they left us thoroughly convinced that our choice of the LITHOMAN would take us to an even higher level of productivity,” stated David G. Pilcher, President/CEO/Owner of Freeport Press.

Freeport Press has experienced great success and profitability by focusing on utilization of the best workflow systems and the most productive manufacturing processes and equipment available. “Our current pressroom has beaten all industry standards in low make-ready waste and high quality production on our short to medium run magazine and catalogue presses equipped with extremely high levels of automation,” explained Pilcher, “No option has ever been left off a piece of new equipment that we have purchased, if it would save time or eliminate waste in the manufacturing process.”

With this mindset, the team at manroland web systems developed a custom autoprint package for Freeport Press that includes InlineCutoff Control Dynamic, InlineRegistration Control with Color Balance Control, InlineFanout Control, InlineDensity Control, AutoJobChange, and WasteGate Control.

The portfolio of inline control systems facilitates the most efficient operation of the press. For example, InlineCutoff Control Dynamic is the fastest cut-off register control system available, making it ideal for publications printers. The system includes a camera that measures and micro-controls the cutting cylinder itself. The high dynamic of the folder drive systems reacts to every web tension deviation and is constantly adjusted when needed, guaranteeing an accurate cut­off and a minimum of waste throughout every run. Freeport Press will reduce splice and blanket wash waste by more than 50% with this new technology.

Along with the inline and job change controls and presets, the new LITHOMAN will also be equipped with the “new generation” of control console hardware and software from manroland web systems. At the ControlCenter, the main console hub, all components integrated into the system can be viewed and controlled from a touchscreen ControlPad and a SlidePad; a tiltable and easy to operate ink key positioning system. Also included with this new technology is MobilPad, a wireless control console that enables the press operator to control and operate the press from any location on the press. Adjustments can be made immediately from a printing unit or component, reducing waste and increasing press performance.

“This LITHOMAN will be the most automated and most efficient high- performance 64-page press in North America when the installation is completed,” stated manroland web systems Vice President of Sales, Roland Ortbach, “It will be equipped with the latest make-ready and waste reducing technology available today. This press will be a game-changer for the North American offset magazine and catalog printing industry.”

The Freeport Press LITHOMAN also includes temperature controlled blanket cylinders, a requirement when running constantly at 3160 feet/minute. This press produces up to 50,000 64-page signatures or 100,000 32-page signatures per hour, and also has the ability to produce 80-page signatures with a fifth ribbon deck for specialty products. The 2nd folder, a cutting module, produces up to 120,000 signatures per hour, 3 sides open, and up to 16 pages.

The press will work with a highly automated Post Press solution from RIMA- SYSTEM. Press and post press will communicate through an intelligent interface in order to have a consistent automation level for the whole system, including automatic speed synchronization, waste control, and good copy count. At the core of the post press system are two RS 610 HS log stackers with automated log palletizing and pallet handling. The ergonomic post press layout offers an optimized workflow with fast access to the main stackers, and the easy interaction of press and post press operators. Freeport Press will take advantage of the leading technologies of manroland web systems and RIMA-SYSTEM for high speed and high volume printing.

Photo Captions: The contract signature of the LITHOMAN press for Freeport: from left: Timothy Ruth, Vice President Sales, manroland web systems GmbH, James Pilcher, Vice President Manufacturing, Freeport Press, Joern Gosse, Managing Director manroland web systems GmbH, David G. Pilcher, President, CEO, Owner Freeport Press, Roland Ortbach, Vice President Sales, manroland web systems North America and Roman Herold, Regional Sales Manager, manroland web systems GmbH.

2nd Photo: The new building and future home of the LITHOMAN press at Freeport Press.

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