Better Quality for Less

What does this really mean for your publication?

Cost cutting is an issue for every print buyer, publisher and executive at every level in every company, large or small, public or private.  At Freeport Press, the idea of “better quality for less” means taking practical steps as part of a permanent business strategy rather than a one-time measure.

It covers strategic and tactical saving options such as analyzing work specifications, using technology for efficiency and time saving options, reducing credit risk by partnering with a secure and growing businesses, reviewing distribution methods, sourcing new suppliers or consolidating existing ones, high quality advertising, changing the route to market, minimizing costs with long term agreements, quality tracking measures, keeping budgets rolling without unexpected charges, and a hands-on service model.

Readers realize the quality built into our products, which translates into more action on their part with the publication’s advertisers or the catalog’s products.

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