Freeport Press announces a major expansion in 2015

FREEPORT – April 23, 2015 – Established in 1880 as a weekly newspaper, Freeport Press Incorporated has been in continuous operation in Freeport, Ohio ever since, and is celebrating its 135th anniversary in 2015. Since I first arrived at Freeport Press in 1998 I not only gained a great respect for the legacy this company, I also saw great potential for the future. Yet never did I dream of what we have accomplished to this point. With a focused understanding of the industry and the hard work of our executive team, a great sales organization and a strong team of managers and employees, our plant has seen incredible growth and is recognized today as an industry-leading print production facility of national acclaim, producing millions of magazines, catalogues and direct mail pieces each year. We believe that God has richly blessed our business and the efforts of our entire team.

Over the past year, we have worked with our architect, engineers and contractors and conferred with Freeport city officials and Harrison County commissioners to create the needed infrastructure to further expand our current facility to accommodate additional press and bindery equipment, and provide much needed office space. Our plans were to incorporate the existing 98,000 sq. ft. building with two new additions that would create an expanded facility of 160,000 sq. ft. One overwhelming problem was that this addition would have to be completed in two separate phases. That delay would have prevented us from adding much needed equipment and space for two years, and added significantly to the costs incurred.

Today, we are officially announcing a significant change in our plans regarding our future expansion. The current facility will continue its operation in Freeport, Ohio without any significant modification to the building as it now stands. We have also signed an agreement to purchase a large manufacturing facility in New Philadelphia, Ohio, with the closing scheduled on or before July 15, 2015. This additional site will add 253,500 sq. ft. on an 18-acre site to our current facility, giving us a total of 351,500 sq. ft. or 8 acres under roof. This combination of plants will allow us to add new equipment immediately as needed, and to capitalize on our increased sales volume and continue our growth for many years to come.

The New Philadelphia facility we are purchasing is the former Graphics Packaging Plant (most recently Mondi Corporation) at 2127 Reiser Ave. SE and will be brought online over the next year as the infrastructure is upgraded and equipment arrives to meet our growth requirements.

The Freeport, Ohio and Freeport, New Philadelphia production facilities will be designed to work as an integrated operation. They will share administration, sales, customer service and prepress functions as a seamless operation. Any transport of materials between the two locations will be limited and on an as-needed basis. We will be working out the details of exactly how that will be accomplished over the next year. Equipment for each location will be allocated to match future product and production demands with additional equipment soon to follow.

The current Post Office building in Freeport will be relocated to the new Tom Jones building on South Philadelphia Street as soon as that location is completed. The St. Matthias Catholic Church, which had previously agreed to a relocation to accommodate the expansion of Freeport Press, will remain in its current location.

Please contact David G. Pilcher Sr. for additional information as we continue this exciting process of blessing and growth at Freeport Press.

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