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    Augmented Reality

    Easily Drag & Drop Engaging Content

    With the Layar Creator, you can enhance flyers, postcards, packaging or any other item with interactive content, including video messages, Web and social links, photo slideshows, music clips and much more!

    Bring print to life with rich media, including video messages, photo slideshows and music clips. Encourage interaction with links to share, follow and like your content on various social media networks. Find new ways to connect quickly via email or phone and with instant interactive polls and surveys. Use your creativity by embedding HTML, allowing other apps to open and other advanced features.

    Layar combines your mobile camera with your GPS location plus huge data sets. The best way to think of Layar is like a cable television provider with your mobile as the television. The different content suppliers (there are hundreds) are like the different cable TV stations and the “shows” on that station are displayed depending on where you are at the time based on your GPS coordinates.

    Layar is both truly global and hyper local.

    The data sets come from all over the world. Yet you can find something valuable a few steps away from where you are right now. I think GPS-enabled devices with data applications become remarkable marketing platforms for all kinds of businesses—restaurants and bars, retail shops, health clubs, educational institutions, real estate, and more. Having the ability to deliver information to someone at the moment of need while they are nearby your business is a remarkable opportunity.

    Layar is real-time. 

    Layar tells me what I need to know, now, when I need the information.