Oct 28

Glossy Magazine Hotness 2013

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves. Like the one about magazines being dead or the only way to survive in publishing is to move to an all-digital platform. Nothing but new age silliness, if you read between the lines penned by The Media Guy -- aka Simon Dumenco -- in... read more →
Oct 28

Still Bewitching – Magazines Engage!

In spite of (or maybe because of?) the time we spend in front of our electronic devices, print magazines still create more engagement and ad receptivity than Internet or television. In a recent article by Print in the Mix, the author cites Experian Marketing Services Multi-Media Engagement study, and points... read more →
Oct 25

Will Tweet for Leads

So for the non-tweeting members of our audience we have a special treat for you today. If you are on social media, but haven’t yet “figured out” Twitter, you are not alone. There are some critical differences between the way you engage on LinkedIn and Facebook compared to the engagement... read more →
Oct 24

Rhapsody in Print

United Airlines has gotten it right with their first-class in-flight magazine. Aptly named Rhapsody, the magazine is available only to people willing to pony up for first or business class seats. And that’s how it shall remain, according to publishing director Simon Leslie in an interview with Mr. Magazine. “The... read more →
Oct 24

Guardian Outputs One Ulysses a Day

Back in the early days of digital (sounds like so many years ago), a magazine deciding to publish a “digital edition” simply ported the content to their website and voila, they were digital publishers. Those simple days are gone, and with it the concept of fixed deadlines and publishing calendars.... read more →
Oct 23
Oct 23

Facebook Privacy Not So Private

Is your Facebook profile set to “unsearchable”? Pretty soon it won’t make any difference. According to Sarah Kessler at Fast Company, Facebook users can no longer hide from search. Says Kessler, “There was a time when Facebook users could make themselves ‘unsearchable’ by changing a privacy setting called ‘Who can... read more →
Oct 22

The Metrics of Native Advertising

The evolution of native advertising continues, and it’s no surprise that marketers are getting insistent on measuring their ROI. And this is where things get tricky. Marketers are tuned in to measuring conversions –consumer actions like click-throughs, downloads, registrations, purchases  – but those kinds of metrics are not as easy... read more →
Oct 22

5 Ways to BE the Content

Joe Pulizzi nailed in when he asked “instead of interrupting consumers around the content they want to engage in, why not BE the content?” This quote comes from his recent rant on how advertisers are poised to destroy our beloved mobile phone experience. Pulizzi, that guru of content marketing wisdom... read more →
Oct 21

High End Style “Needs Print,” Says Exec

Home design magazine Domino is undergoing a renaissance, back on the market with a fantastic new magazine after being shuttered by Conde Nast in 2009. Mr. Magazine recently spoke to Beth Brenner, Domino’s chief revenue officer, about why their title focuses on print as its primary delivery vehicle and how... read more →