Dec 17
Dec 17

Rx for Healthier Catalogs

Does your catalog need a check-up? Susan J. McIntyre (aka “The Catalog Doctor”) has some common sense advice for standing out in a competitive field. “Learn from your competitors to keep ahead” is her first piece of advice. McIntyre recommends looking at what your competition is doing right, and integrating... read more →
Dec 16

Digital to Print – A Generational Shift

An interesting thing is happening in the digital publishing world. We've already talked about digital-only publications like Allrecipes launching a print edition, and Newsweek’s recent announcement that they are returning to print. Now the Los Angeles Times is reporting on more titles that were born online choosing to launch print... read more →
Dec 16

How to Save a Magazine

In a publishing landscape that is forever changed, both economically and technically, do print magazines continue to have relevance? Peter Osnos asks the straightforward question “Can print magazines save themselves?” in an article that appeared online in The Atlantic last week. We like the question he posed, because we believe... read more →
Dec 13

Twitter Getting Younger?

The Facebook phenomenon goes like this: Teens created it, and became the primary users. Then it spread to the “grown-ups,” and the kids are quickly losing interest, according to information from a recent earnings call that cited “a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens.” Is the same thing... read more →
Dec 13

Is Newsstand a Bad Apple?

We like to imagine that Steve Jobs would never stand for this.  Newsstand, Apple’s app store and de facto place to “see and be seen” if you are a digital publisher, is in bad shape. So says D.B. Hebbard in his recent article in Talking New Media, “This is a... read more →
Dec 12

Allrecipes Magazine App Is Half-Baked

On the surface it would appear to be a can’t-fail recipe – take a digital-only publication like Allrecipes, launch a successful print version, and then release a tablet version of the magazine. And yet, somehow, the replica Newsstand app leaves cooking aficionados and aspiring gourmets feeling a bit, well, flat.... read more →
Dec 11

Will Inflight Tablet Magazines Fly?

You’ve reached cruising altitude; time to recline, sip a cocktail and flip through that glossy inflight magazine. Folding down a couple of pages that are relevant to your own work or life, you make sure you tuck the magazine into your carry-on before you disembark. Except that on some flights,... read more →
Dec 10

The Gratitude Effect in Direct Mail

In direct marketing, which sells better – a message of gratitude, or a message of obligation? That’s exactly what researchers set out to study when they exposed subjects to direct mail copy in a controlled test. As reported by Print In the Mix, “The authors used a scenario of a... read more →
Dec 10

Newsweek Coming Back to Print

If 2013 was the year print didn’t die, then 2014 is shaping up to be the year print becomes hip again. Newsweek, the weekly print magazine that went digital-only late last year, is coming back to press, according to The New York Times.  The title will rely more heavily on... read more →