Oct 09

2013 – The Year of Social Spam

Email programs getting savvier at detecting and preventing spammers? No problem, we’ll just go spam on social media. That seems to be one of the reasons why spam has shown as astonishing 355% growth in the first half of 2013, according to a recent article by Lorenzo Francheschi-Biccierai in Mashable.... read more →
Oct 09

Dancing with Programmatic Ad Buys

Like all things in this new digital reality, technology has radically altered the way online advertising is bought and sold. Automated ad sales are growing quickly, and companies that only a few months ago refused to sell online ad space through programmatic channels are now doing so, according to Jack... read more →
Oct 08

Throw Some Ink at Your Content Marketing

As a B2B lead generation tool, it’s hard to beat the value of content marketing. As companies put more of their marketing dollars in this type of content creation, a few smart cookies are creating printed content marketing vehicles to leverage that content and build staying power. The mantra behind... read more →
Oct 08

Digital Doubts Hang Heavy

Not sure if your digital investment is paying off? You’re in good, if confused, company. Fewer than one in 10 marketers strongly agree with the statement "I know our digital marketing is working," according to a recently-released survey from Adobe Systems. Aptly titled “Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at... read more →
Oct 07
Oct 07

It’s Print AND Digital Above $100K

If you live in a household that makes more than $100K a year, you probably don’t see the choice between print and digital as an either/or proposition. Affluent Americans, according to the 2013 Ipsos Affluent Survey USA, remain avid consumers of traditional media like magazines and newspapers, even while they... read more →
Oct 04

A Mag is a Mag is a Mag…

It’s a perfect day when Shakespeare is the most relevant man to paraphrase. The Bard may proclaim that a rose by any other name smells as sweet, that it’s not what we call it, but what it is that counts. We’d love to hear what he would say about a... read more →
Oct 03

Big Brands Struggle with Content ROI

What’s content worth to your organization? Does the cost of content creation and distribution bring in sufficient ROI to justify its existence? If you’re like most people charged with answering that question, you just don’t know. Jack Neff of Advertising Age offers some insights into why this is so, as... read more →
Oct 03

Do Your Native Ads Stink?

As native advertising becomes a growing force in the industry, publishers need to develop a clear vision of their own editorial line. Marketers and advertisers are continuing to push the envelope (it’s their job to do so, after all). And with traditional advertising revenues down, editors are facing internal financial... read more →
Oct 02

Taking Issue with Next Issue

Is Netflix the model for future magazine consumption? Some magazine publishers seem to think so, and are rolling out a bundled subscription package that includes titles from Conde Nast, Rogers Media, Hearst, Meredith, Newscorp and Time Inc. The Next Issue venture will offer a one-price bundled product, aimed to increase... read more →