Feb 06

Print is King with their Coupon Subjects

When it comes to coupons, print rules. That’s the finding from a recent Supermarket Moms Survey, which reports that “print ads (78%) and supermarket circulars (65%) take the lead when it comes to how mothers find coupons,” according to an article from Print in the Mix. [responsive][/responsive] The January 2014... read more →
Feb 05
Feb 04

Before You Kill Your Print Magazine, Read This

For many organizations that are printing magazines as marketing communications pieces, moving to a digital version may be tempting. But before you hit the kill switch on the print version, be warned: You may be about to ruin a good thing. So says Dr. Robert Magee of Virginia Tech in... read more →
Feb 04

Print Trump Digital in the Attention Economy

A self-proclaimed “digital evangelist” goes on holiday, picks up a magazine and thoroughly enjoys the read. And he has an epiphany. “So that day, on holiday, while my favourite digital magazine was behind an ‘on’ switch and endless layers of apps and amongst hundreds of digital choices, there was that... read more →
Feb 03
Jan 31
Jan 30

Is Twitter Vital to Brand Value?

Want to be a Top 100 brand? Start tweeting. And keep tweeting, at least a dozen times a day. That’s the conclusion we draw from a new study out by SimplyMeasured that quantifies how top brand marketers use Twitter. The report was cited in a recent article in Marketing Charts... read more →
Jan 30
Jan 29
Jan 29

9 Deadly Sins of Catalogers

Taking the plunge into print catalogs? Many companies are, including some formerly digital-only brands that are now turning toward catalogs to grow their sales. It’s a smart business move. Catalogs offer the highest ROI for any type of printed direct mail, and are second only to telemarketing across all channels,... read more →